Common Uses Of Aloe Vera In Our Daily Lives

Aloe Vera belongs to the genus Aloe, and its botanical name is Aloe Barbadensis. It was originated in Sudan and was later grown in the habitat of Mediterranean region. It is a long-lived plant which can survive even in harsh dry conditions. Its leaves are green in color, and they contain a yellow liquid commonly known as Aloe Juice. Aloe Vera’s second most important component is a jelly-like substance called Aloe Gel which is clear and is found in lower part of its leaves. These two components can be used individually or together for various home remedies.

Medicinal Purposes

  • Skin Related Problems

Aloe Vera can be used to cure many skin related diseases like warts and skin inflammation. It helps with skin burns and also accelerates the healing process in case of any minor wounds. It acts as a natural moisturizer and removes any dry patches on your skin. A compound called “Aloin” found in Aloe Vera makes it a natural sunscreen which protects your skin from extensive sun exposure.

  • Prevention from Heartburn

GERD is a Gastroesophageal reflux disease which is the main cause of heartburn and is quite common among people due to our unhealthy food intake. As a home remedy for heartburn, aloe gel is recommended in quantity of 1 to 3 ounces per meal.

  • Other Diseases

Aloe Vera has multiple benefits against diseases like diabetes, asthma, stomach ulcer, frostbite, psoriasis, cold sores, osteoarthritis, bowel diseases, constipation, and fever. It also treats depression which is most common among our current generation. It is used for the prevention of intestinal and colon cancer. It improves blood circulation in our bodies and protects from autoimmune diseases.

Uses in Beauty Products

Aloe Vera has been used in the making of beauty products since early times. It is used to make soaps and is quite an important ingredient in facial masks, scrubs, and toners. In addition, it is also the major component of after shaves, mists, lip balm, salve, tinctures, washes, creams, and astringents. When used in place of conditioners, it gives you much smoother and silkier hair.

Aloe Vera for Weight Loss

Aloe Vera is most widely used as a weight loss remedy. It accelerates your metabolism rate. It detoxifies your body and is used as a natural laxative to help in digestion and prevention from constipation. It gives you relief from tough exercises, strict diets and other risky artificial ways to reduce weight.

Natural Preservative for Food Items

According to a study carried out at Cambridge University, it has been proven that food items such as apples, tomatoes, and other vegetables when coated with aloe gel remain fresh for a longer period of time. It rescinds the harmful bacteria growing on these produces and attacking them. This way we can completely banish the use of harmful chemicals used as preservatives because even though they keep the food items fresh, they are a health hazard.

Aloe Vera plant has countless uses in our daily lives and has great accessibility. We can easily grow this plant in our front lawn and extract its juice, gel or both from its leaves for home remedies.