12 Grooming Rules to Live By In 20s

The 20s is the age when you are all active, and you have perfect hair and skin. Skin aging seems a far thing. But the truth is, skin starts showing signs of aging in the late 20s if it’s not been taken care of. So it is actually the time when you should start habits that will help you stay young for a longer time. Following 12 practices are must for not only for your today but tomorrow as well:

Use sunscreen like it is your job

UV radiations are the major contributor of skin aging. Using sunscreen whether it is summer or freezing winter, helps prevent signs of skin aging. Make it a habit and stick to it.

Shave slower

Dragging a sharp blade as close to your skin as possible every day can be very damaging to your skin in the long run. Using a new blade every time can reduce the damage as it will minimize the drag, using shaving creams and pre-shave oils will also protect your skin.

Treat your face right

Over-drying and improper hygiene can fasten the skin aging. It is important to use moisturizers right for your skin type i.e. oily or dry skin. Vitamin C and E oils act as antioxidants which will keep your skin tight and fresh for a long time.

Mouth care

Proper mouth care is not only good for gum and teeth health, but it also brightens your smile and gives you fresher breaths. Habits like using mouth-washing, teeth-brushing and tongue-scraping should be a part of your daily regime.

Tame errant body hair

It is most likely that you’ll develop hair growth in places you’ve never expected.  There many ways you can fight back the hair growth.

Don’t skimp on haircuts

There many hair products and services available for hair; when comes to your hair choose the best option even if costs a little more. You are going to wear your hair every day, spending on it is a good investment.

Pay attention to extremities

Your hands and feet are parts of the most exposed to the environment. They start showing signs of aging long before your face. Exfoliation and moisturizing can do wonders to keep your hands and feet better looking for years to come.

Invest in quality products

This advice is applicable to all spheres of life. Using a drug store product may save you few dollars now, but if you want to keep your skin fresh-looking, those drug-store products will cost you a lot in the long run. It is better to use good skin and hair products.

Refresh your linen closet

Keep replacing your old pillowcases, bed sheets, and towels with new ones. If you don’t have time to wash them regularly, they can be home to sweat, germs, and oils which will only damage your skin.

Think about your diet

You are what you eat. If you eat healthy with adequate minerals and vitamins, your body fluids will regulate making you fresh and active.


Regular exercise is important for heart and muscles. Good exercise tones your body. It keeps you in shape and helps in keeping your bones and heart strong. While it also increases oxygenation in your body giving you better-looking skin.

Don’t stress

Try to lead a calm life. It gives better decision-making ability, lesser chances of developing chronic problems and provide overall health.